A strikingly beautiful and deeply historic estuary and former harbor, Ellisville Marsh is a critical environment that needs our support. Together, we can work to revive and preserve this important habitat for generations to come.

When you donate to the Friends, you automatically become a member, for one full year. Your annual membership donation helps fund all of the Friends’ annual and routine operating expenses. Over 90% of our budget is allocated to restoration-related activities —inlet maintenance, environmental monitoring—and only a small fraction to administrative overhead.

Membership Options

All donations to the Friends are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Members can

  • Attend the annual meeting
  • Learn about the salt marsh and barrier beach ecosystems by participating in field work
  • Receive Friends of Ellisville newsletters
  • Vote in matters brought to vote by FoEM’s Board of Directors.
  • Receive notices about events relating to the FEM’s mission.
  • Members may choose to remain anonymous.

We have created the following membership categories to help guide your donations.

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For any donation larger than $1000 (a Leadership Gift, which is GREATLY appreciated!) please select the Leadership option below.

Custom Donation

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Corporate Sponsorship

If you are interested in a corporate sponsorship please contact the Friends of Ellisville Marsh directly.